Typical colors are black with a reddish tint and white and gray tones

Typical colors are black with a reddish tint and white and gray tones



Styrian wire-haired hound

Sydney Silky (see Australian Silky Terrier)


Swiss hound (see Bracken)

Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog)

Sloughi (see greyhounds)

Springer Spaniel (see Spaniel)

Here you will find well-known dog breeds starting with the letter W:


White Swiss Shepherd` (Berger Blanc Suisse)

Welsh Terrier

Whippet (also greyhounds)


Westphalian Dachsbracke (see Bracken)

Waterside Terrier (see Airedale Terrier)

Welsh Corgi

West Highland White Terrier


Welsh Springer Spaniel (see Spaniel)

Schnauzers come in different sizes. A distinction is made between giant schnauzer, medium schnauzer and miniature schnauzer. The different sizes range between 30 to 70 cm. Weight varies with size; it is between approximately 5 and 35 kg. The different schnauzers share many common characteristics. They have an overall slightly stocky body, a fairly strong head and strong-boned limbs. The paws are round.

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Schnauzer fur is rough and protects against the elements. It is of medium length and does not fit too closely to the body. Typical coat colors include black and pepper and salt.


Regular combing and brushing promotes the well-groomed appearance of the coat. Trimming is recommended.

Character and temperament

Schnauzers are vigilant. They are said to have a certain boldness and pride. But they are also considered playful and good-natured.

Suitable environment

Schnauzers have become popular family dogs for some time. They enjoy an environment with many children. Not only large schnauzers, but also the smaller ones are quite lively and need a lot of exercise. No Schnauzer will be happy without exercise and enough exercise. With a little professional guidance, you can benefit greatly from the Schnauzer’s skills as a guard dog.

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The well-known Belgian Shepherds include the Groenendael, the Laeken (also called Lakenois), the Malinois and the Tervueren. They are all about the same size and slim. They reach a height of about 70 cm and a weight of 30 kg. In addition to the lofts mentioned, there are lesser known ones, for example the Belgian Herdershond.

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The Groenendael is long-haired and black, the Laeken is wire-haired and yellow with black-and-gray prickling, the Malinois is short-haired and yellow, with parts of the body fur and the mask on the face being black. The Tervueren also has a black mask and long, mahogany red fur. Groenendael and Tervueren have a kind of mane on the kill a mockingbird essay thesis


The long-haired dogs require good grooming. The rough-haired animals should not be neglected either. The short coat of the Malinois is unproblematic in the care.

Character and temperament

The Belgian Shepherds are very lively. They pay attention to what is happening around them. But they are not only impulsive in their behavior. They are also very sensitive and occasionally a little nervous looking animals. They study well and are very adaptable.

Suitable environment

Their lively, sensitive nature in connection with their willingness to learn dictates how they are best held: They need someone who teaches them with a lot of patience and love what is expected of them. A Belgian Shepherd Dog can find itself in many situations, but should not be kept in a small city apartment without a lot of exercise. Rather, you have to keep him busy and move a lot. Under good housing conditions, one can assume that this large dog gets along well with children.

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The Landseer is characterized by its imposing size. His height is between 67 cm and 80 cm. Adult males can weigh up to 75 kg.


The fur is short on the face. On the body it is long, smooth or slightly wavy and dense. It is soft to the touch and has a lot of undercoat. The head is always black with a white blaze, while the legs, chest, neck, tail and belly are white.


Its coat needs sufficient care, otherwise it is relatively easy to care for.

Character and temperament

The Landseer has a natural watchful and protective instinct and is very people-oriented. He is able to recognize dangers and fight them off independently. That is why it is still often used as a rescue dog in water today. He is also very docile and playful.

Suitable environment

With consistent training, the Landseer is suitable as a family dog ​​without any problems. He is fond of children and is friendly and balanced towards strangers and other dogs. His affectionate disposition does not allow him to be kept in a kennel, he should be offered close family connections and sufficient space. As long as you don’t live in a city apartment, the Landseer needs relatively little exercise and is also suitable for beginners.


In England the popular dogs were known under the name “Newfoundland Dog”. The popular painter Sir Edwin Henry Landseer was enthusiastic about this breed and painted it in numerous motifs. Eventually he was renamed the “Landseer Dog”.

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Here you will find well-known dog breeds starting with the letter R:

Rehpinscher (see Miniature Pinscher)

Giant schnauzer (see schnauzer)

Rhodesian Ridgeback



Russian Greyhound (see Borzoi)

This dog with the unusual hairstyle is up to 45 cm tall and weighs between 10 and 15 kg. The small head has a short, round muzzle.


The fur of the Puli can reach the ground. It is shaggy and has different properties depending on the mix ratio of outer hair and under hair. Matting into long strips is desirable. Typical colors are black with a reddish tint and white and gray tones.


Such a coat requires grooming, but less than you might think at first glance. The felt sheets can be loosened with a wooden stick.

Character and temperament

The Puli is not a bore, on the contrary: He is spirited, active and eager. He is considered a dog that maintains its independence.

Suitable environment

The Puli will feel more comfortable in a house with a garden plot than in a city apartment – unless he is given a lot of exercise in addition to the city apartment. This dog is considered child-friendly and quite uncomplicated in dealing with other dogs.

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This popular dog grows up to approximately 46 cm. He has a harmonious build with a straight, strong back. The muzzle tapers a little towards the front, but is not pointed. The legs are very slender in relation to the body and end in rounded paws.


Short, straight and rough fur is characteristic of the Kromfohrländer. It is a little longer on the chest and on the muzzle. The fur on the head is white with variously toned brown spots; the same colors are repeated on the body. The dark patches of fur are typically divided by a white stripe.


This coat does not require any particularly complex maintenance. If you want a Kromfohrländer that looks typical of the breed, you do without trimming.

Character and temperament

The Kromfohrländer has a number of characteristics that make it a very pleasant four-legged friend. He is spirited, active and attentive. At the same time, balance is part of his being. He protects his environment intelligently and vigilantly.

Suitable environment

The Kromfohrländer also needs enough exercise – and enough activity as well. If you offer him both, then you can keep him in an apartment. He is well suited as a family dog.

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Here you will find well-known dog breeds starting with the letter N:


Norwegian Buhund

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Norwich Terrier (also Terrier)

Dutch dwarf spaniel (see spaniel)

Norwegian Elkhound (Norsk Elghund, Dyrehund)

Norfolk Terrier (see Norwich Terrier)

A Napoletano Mastino named Martha weighs around 56 kilograms and is the ugliest dog in the world. The animal won the corresponding competition on Friday evening in Petaluma, California.

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From the beginning, the bitch was considered a spectator’s favorite, although she constantly fell to one side while impressing and her sagging face, which was shaped by skin flaps, landed on the floor.

As a bonus, the dog now receives $ 1,500, a trophy and a trip to New York for media appointments – probably all things that Martha doesn’t really care about. According to her owner Shirley Zindler, she was rescued almost blind from adverse circumstances. But after a few operations Martha can see again.

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Martha prevailed against 13 other dogs. At 16, Moe was the oldest participant. He is a hybrid of the Belgian dwarf griffon and pug dog breeds and came second.

While animals may look ugly to most human eyes, their owners often found it to be love at first sight. Some of the dogs have acne and others have their tongues hanging out permanently. The owner of an eight-year-old Chinese crested dog named Zoomer said of her pet, “He’s my sexy boy.”

The competition took place for the 29th time. The dogs are judged according to the categories of first impressions, unusual characteristics, personality and reaction of the audience.

Zwergspitz Boo was twelve years old – and 16 million people followed his life on Facebook alone. Now the supposedly cutest of all four-legged friends has died.

“I am deeply saddened to tell you that Boo fell asleep forever this morning” are the opening words to the message on Boo’s Facebook page that will spoil the weekend for many of his fans. 

Dearest friends of Boo, With deepest sadness I wanted to share that Boo passed away in his sleep early this morning and …

Posted by Boo on Friday, January 18, 2019

“The heart of our family is broken, but we find consolation in knowing that he no longer has to endure pain or discomfort,” the farewell text continues.

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In 2017, Boo’s companion died, the dog Buddy. Shortly thereafter, Boo was diagnosed with a heart condition. “We believe his heart was literally broken when Buddy left us,” write his owners.

Sources used: Own research Boos Facebook page

Here you will find well-known dog breeds with the first letter I:

Ibiza Podenco (see Podenco Ibicenco)

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Irish Wolfhound (Irish Wolfhound)

Italian greyhound (also greyhounds)

Irish Water Spaniel (see Spaniel)

Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

Irish Terrier (also Terrier)

Icelandic dog

Irish setter

Israel Spitz (see Canaan dog)

Here you will find well-known dog breeds beginning with the letter Z:

Miniature Pinscher

Pygmy Spitz (Pommeranian)

Miniature Schnauzer (see Schnauzer)

Dwarf spaniel (see Papillon or Tibetan Spaniel)

Here you will find well-known dog breeds beginning with the letter J:

Jack Russel Terrier (also Terrier)

Japanese Akita (see Akita Inu)

Japan Chin (Tchin)

Jämthund (see Norwegian Elkhound)

Yugoslav Shepherd Dog (see: Šarplaninac)

Compared to its English breed mates, the American Bulldog is larger and heavier. He is between 53 and 71 cm tall and can weigh up to 60 kg. In this sporty breed, a distinction is made between the more muscular “Scott Standard Type” and the “Johnson Bully / Classic Type”. Many of the dogs living in Europe are mixed breeds of both types.


American bulldogs have short, thick coat that is tight to the touch. The basic color is always white, but can have spots in various shades of brown.


The coat is very easy to care for. Combing once a week is enough.

Character temperament

Due to his sensitive but stubborn nature and his enormous physical strength, the American Bulldog is not a dog for everyone. Little can be achieved with pressure and violence. You have to have a lot of empathy in bringing up him, praise him and reward him with treats.


The American Bulldog is considered to be very people-friendly. He is a family dog ​​and gets along well with children. Other pets are also rarely a problem if you get used to them carefully. In the first 18 months in particular, emphasis must be placed on bonding, socialization and lots of playful obedience training. The Bulldog then has to have sufficient contact with fellow dogs, especially with same-sex people.


The American Bulldog is one of the list dogs in some countries in Germany, which are colloquially referred to as “attack dogs”.